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Beloved in Ireland and around the world, variations of her name include Bridget, Brighid, and Bride.

Lost and Found. (A Arwen Love Story.)

Cassandra — Ill-fated soothsayer of Troy. Cassandra incurred the displeasure of Apollo, who cursed her so that her prophecies would never be believed. The modern Greek equivalent is Haros. Endora — The magical mother-in-law in the TV sitcom Bewitched. Erzulie — A spirit or family of spirits in Vodou.

She has many forms and rules over love, beauty, health, and sexual passion. Fiamma - "Flame. Gwydion — Master magician and trickster of Welsh lore. Hecate — Crossroads-dwelling goddess of witchcraft.

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Popularized as a Witch name by the Harry Potter series, but also appropriate for a Hermetic magician. Holly - This cheery girl's name is shared with one of the sacred trees of Celtic lore. A male or family name version is Hollis. Jasmine — A delicate and aromatic flower known for its mystical and aphrodisiac properties.

The name is Arabic in origin. Lamia — The Lamia is a child-devouring serpent or monster in Greek mythology. She was once a Libyan queen, but was cursed by Hera for her trysts with Zeus. Lilith is associated with various night demons and flying goddesses. Lorelei — Freshwater mermaid of the Rhine River. The Lorelei is a temptress who delights in the destruction of fishermen. Also related to Queen Mab, faery ruler of British folklore. Variations include Mab, Meave, Maeven.

Medea — A Greek witch, the subject of a play by Euripides and a later opera. Medea was of divine descent and used sorcery to defeat her foes. Minerva - Roman name for the goddess of wisdom. Morgan — Morgan le Fay is a usually adversarial figure in the Arthurian legends.

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Variations include Morgaine or Morgana. A similar-sounding name belongs to Celtic warrior goddess Morrighan. Famous bearers include Oberon Zell b. Orion — A prominent constellation named for the hunter from Greek mythology. One notable Orion is author Orion Foxwood.

Phoenix — Mythical bird that would incinerate itself every years by most accounts , then rise from the ashes.

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Pythia — One of the traditional titles of the Oracle of Delphi. The Pythia was originally a serpent monster defeated by Apollo. Ravens are associated with death, cunning, and secret knowledge. Rhiannon — Welsh goddess associated with horses. Salem — Historic Massachusetts city known for its 17 th -century witchcraft trials.

The feline familiar of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. This pretty name has no known meaning and was probably invented by an early settler in the area. Selene — Greek goddess of the moon. A variation is Selena, and belongs to Pagan elder Selena Fox. Tanith — Phoenician moon goddess whose name means "serpent lady.

Variations include Tatiana and Tanya. Read more articles in the archive!

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Celtic symbol for acceptance

Visitors can go to Caerphilly Castle's famous maze, as a series of ghostly characters await in its secret passageways. The Haunted Maze takes place on Saturday, October 27 from 5. Raglan Castle will be putting on a witchcraft and wizardry themed event, with plenty of games and activities to take part in. Halloween enthusiasts can head down to Criccieth Castle for a family-friendly day of ghosts and goosebumps. There will be plenty of spine-tingling antics to enjoy, including a supernatural trail through the ancient grounds, where visitors should keep an eye out for witches casting frightful spells.

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Literary girl names

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