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Quest'operazione di infiltrazione cerca infatti di impadronirsi della tua vita proprio come farebbe un parassita nel cervello. Accade lo stesso per colleghi, vicini, partner e per molti altri di cui pensavi in precedenza di poterti fidare? Cosa succede a queste persone? La loro collaborazione viene richiesta o presa in prestito, ottenuta attraverso atti di bullismo, corrotta o negoziata. Gli stalker usano tattiche moleste che possono apparire "insignificanti" ai passanti. Queste tattiche includono la produzione di rumori nelle vicinanze del predestinato, ad esempio facendo clic ripetutamente con la penna a sfera, facendo vibrare delle chiavi o cambiandole, soprattutto se ci si trova alle sue spalle.

Gang Stalking is not just a covert investigation. It's also designed to be a systemic form of control that is capable of destroying a persons life. Once you are targeted it seeks to control every aspect of your life. This covert investigation tries to lake over much like a parasite in the brain. You soon find that your life is not your own any more, friends you thought you could trust, gone, family that you thought you could rely on, not trustworthy anymore. The asme becomes true for coworkers, neighbors, partners, and many others that you formerly thought you could trust?

What happens to these individuals? Their cooperation is begged, borrowed, bullied, bribed, or bargained for. Either way the end result is the same. You soon find that network that you thought you could rely on is not there, and you soon find yourself very much alone. Stalkers use harassment tactics that look "minor" to passers-by. These tactics include noisemaking near the target such as clicking ball point pens constantly, rattling keys or change, particularly when standing behind the target.

If the target responds, the target can expect more of the same. When a target takes a seat in public, stalkers will sit nearby to deliver noise harassment, or to repeatedly tap their feet, sometimes on the target's chair. The goal is to keep the target uncomfortable constantly. PS: This video underwent sabotage: changed colours show how it underwent sabotage. Visualizza commenti, video correlati e altro ancora. I am heading to Vancouver for business from Florence Italy for a few days and wanted to report boarding of illegal MW, RF emitters on board today of Lufthansa from Florence to Frankfurt and now on Lufthansa also on August 21 from Frankfurt to Vancouver.

Since the last encounter with a pathetic Italian carrying illegal equipment on my Lufthansa plane to Canada I have spotted in Vancouver and Calgary the same looser measuring and taking pictures under my hotel and now in Calgary at 6th Street SE, Calgary, circling the address with a rental car.

Tomorrow I am flying back to Europe with Luftansa in the afternoon from Calgary and I am looking forward to measure if this guy's IQ is so low that he will board my same flight. These Italian organizers are loosing control and access to funds they used to receive for this experiment until a few years ago my experience started in in NYC and the level of the people involved in stalking has gotten so low that the next step is using scarecrows or someone with 50 IQ.

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The money is obviously no longer there and the smarter perps are actually leaving getting scared by the amount of press coverage and the sentences several states are beefing up for stalking individuals. The images are now shared with US law enforcement for these episides, but I wanted to advise anyone that you can use two or more iPhone applications that you can download easily and give you the exact position of these loosers if used in conjunction with google maps and GPS of your images. The collection of these screen shots will embed a GPS trace that will confirm where and whare and when each incident has taken plac When every TI gets access to some basic but scientific data to show and to keep a good track record of the gang stalking occurrences--and the use of cams is a great tool in association with this, sharing your experience, the amount of real documentation will help all TIs and the agencies which are working on this problem.

And will immediately separate the fake incidents from the real. We need someone to host 3 groups of documents and information for us:- 1. What is it? Millions of people across this country and the globe are being targeted in various ways by a growing number of covert harassment groups. Citizens are being watched, tracked, monitored and tortured; their private lives invaded, ruined, and many kept in virtual isolation from friends and family.

The report states that , victims of stalking experienced death threats. Many of the victims have had their lives further destroyed by wrongful diagnoses by the psychiatric community as delusional. The phenomenon I am referring to is the combination of organized stalking and attack with directed energy weapons with the goal of behavioral modification. Along with the stalking, victims are complaining of attack by directed energy weapons resulting in headache, heart palpitations, tinnitus, gastro-intestinal disorders and burning of the skin and eyes.

The complaints across the board are exactly the same and appear to be the result of a template or experimental protocol. I currently sit on the medical committee of the human rights organization Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance.

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Our concern is about the growing number of people voicing complaints regarding organized stalking and victimization by weapons based upon the electromagnetic spectrum. Our group has over members and is one of many that exist to counsel and provide information to victims that find themselves in harm's way due to this phenomenon. I am one of several medical doctors that see this as possible experimentation being perpetrated on a non-consenting public. We know, historically, that the U. Government has used the public for experimentation in the past.

Currently, no legislation exists protecting the public from such experimentation. Senator John Glenn The phenomenon I am referring to is the combination of organized stalking and attack with directed energy weapons with the goal of behavioral modification. For your information, organized stalking is the term used to describe the stalking of a target by individuals unknown to the target for the purposes of harassment and psychological torment. A recent survey conducted by the Department of Justice on stalking in the U.

S has shown an exponential rise in stalking complaints.

Along with the stalking, victims are complaining of attack by directed energy weapons The attacks are described as unmistakably coming from an external origin. Also, many victims are complaining of audio harassment similar to the effects described by the Army of the microwave hearing effect in their Addendum to the Bio-Effects of Non- Lethal Weapons. It is my opinion that the number of people voicing these exact same complaints more than exceeds the percentage of the population suffering from delusional disorder, as published by the NIMH.

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In conclusion, the combination of stalking, attack with electromagnetic weapons and audio harassment is rapidly becoming a national crisis. More victims are coming forward from every state in the Union at an alarming rate. Information Unlimited is a New Hampshire corporation dedicated to the experimenter and technology enthusiast.

The same when formerly it was: www. Mental, physical and technological abuses: NOT science fiction. And so, in this years, in conformity with these presuppositions, some files have been greatly modified and others completely created: with new information about facts and authentic texts of testimonies which are still being collected.

Please support the truth with the purchase of our book. This will document many technologies and mind control weapons that have been kept hidden from the mainstream public. Associazione italiana scientifica e giuridica contro gli abusi mentali, fisici e tecnologici. Europeo Sirus Project U.

Dare ai ricordi una specie di seconda vita? All material on this website is protected by copyright, This website also contains material copyrighted by 3rd parties. Targered individual Wikileagks pubblica testimonianze An European-based petition , Stop the psychotronic warfare, the electronic harassment, surveillance and mind-control-international. The petition provides a definition of psychotronic psycho-physical weapons as: the totality of all possible methods and means techno-genic, suggestive, pharmacological, paranormal, complexes, and others of hidden, forced influences on the psyche of a person for the purpose of modifying his [c]onsciousness, behavior and health for what is desired in the way of influencing aspects of control… This is not only dangerous, this is deadly!

Some of the possible effects: Sting Pressure Burn Itching Heat Vibrations on the body or in the body Dizziness Blurred vision Disruption of short-term memory forgetfulness Sleep sleep deprivation Fatigue Disruption or manipulation of the libido the human body can be disturbed in any possible way, tortured and manipulated Who cause the radiation? Any microwave mobile phone transmitter-any micro cell picocell in shops can be programmed by computer for this, as can any mobile phone you are carrying or use or any family members phone - even if it is totally off.

He means mobile antennas, microcells, wireless home phones and mobile phones. It is therefore possible to attack people at almost all points of daily life and influence. Through the widespread use of mobile and satellite there is no place on earth where a person would be safe from the secret influence. The planet Earth has been transformed secretly and under our very eyes into a giant open-air prison. Organized stalking : In addition to torture by electromagnetic radiation many sufferers are terrorized by targeted stalking and other measures.

This includes sabotage, Comuterhacking, defamation, etc. All these activities are designed to intimidate the victims, to isolate, and slow to drive you crazy. By stalking you destroy the credibility of those affected. Would the citizens tormented by irradiation of pain and other effects reported, and show the corresponding reading, sure many would be inclined to believe them.

Maeve Brennan: Homesick at the New Yorker by Angela Bourke (2004-09-15) by Angela Bourke;

Many victims of this terror are reimbursed when police and prosecutors display. Not a single case in Germany was taken seriously by the authorities. In all cases, the victims were trying to label as insane spinner. Neighbours as willing helpers : The recruited neighbors are told that it is in their neighborhood a dangerous individuals is that must be monitored accordingly. Mark M. In of magic and contradictions. Born in in Baveria, he has and the company will soon be a presence in Italy, one of the most extensive experience with multinationals in the consumer goods promising territories for growth: in just one year it accounted for and luxury sectors.

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