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Nuala Anne McGrail Book Series

Loading Author Notes LC Subjects. Americans -- Ireland -- Fiction. Gold mines and mining -- Fiction. Ireland -- Fiction. Irish Americans -- Fiction.

Irish Tiger: A Nuala Anne McGrail Novel (Nuala Anne McGrail Novels)

Psychics -- Fiction. Women detectives -- Ireland -- Fiction. Mystery fiction. Often he is a bit frustrated by her behavior. But Dermot simply continues to show patience and tolerance. He clearly communicates his love for her.

IRISH CREAM: A Nuala Anne McGrail Novel

In the historical sub plot, Ned Fitzpatrick's diary reveals that he falls in love with Nora Joyce the wife of Irish folk hero Miles Joyce. Ned's love leads him to seek to protect Nora and her baby when Miles is accused of involvement in the Maamtrasna murders. They are very poor and sick. Ned secretly arranges for her medical needs and supports her financially.

Irish Cream A Nuala Anne McGrail Novel

He helps Nora heal physically and emotionally. Ned's selfless love and patience are impressive. The descriptions of the Irish countryside are vivid and inviting. The love stories of both Dermot and Ned are refreshing tales of unconditional love.

I recommend the book. Certainly not the best of the Nuala Anne McGrail series. Beach reading but doesn't hold your attention. From Amazon Andrew Greeley has lost his sense of identity as a priest, otherwise he would not have published something so close to romance code word for print-a-porn. As an alledged catholic, he is a heretic at least in that novel.

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As for the rest of the book, it is a lot of sentimentalistic Irish-American superstition and drivel; taking place in an Ireland which the real Irish cannot recognize. Nuala and Dermot Michael go back to Ireland From Amazon Nuala Anne is suffering from post natal depression and in keeping with her character she has a pretty severe case. She gives up singing and doubts herself in everything. Her doctor prescribes Prozac and a trip home.

Of course, they can't have a quiet trip. Fiona the wolfhound is pregnant, and the TD next doot has his house blown up. More disturbing, while on a walk through some ruins nearby, both Nuala Anne and Nelliecoyne see a scene of murder from the distant past. Apparently, a man was wrongfully accused of the murders and hanged for the crime.

The local priest, Jack Lane, finds part of a journal, written by an American reporter who was there at the time, that tells the whole story as it happened. Nuala, Jack Lane, and Dermot have to find the rest of the journal and the fate of the murdered man's family. This is pretty typical of the series. Nuala has a crisis of some kind, she finds a mystery in the past, she solves the mystery and her problems at the same time. Each one of the mysteries, however is very well done, with just a little bit of Irish history thrown in. Greeley has written, so it was somewhat of a disappointment to me that I did not love this book as much.

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Although I enjoyed it to a degree, I felt myself predicting future events and had nearly figured out the entire plot by halfway through. After I read the author's note at the end where he explains his formula, I realized the problem. The Nuala Anne McGrail books have become too obviously formulaic, and it's making otherwise delightful characters go just a little bit stale.