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Herman draws in on himself, hides, and only makes the situation worse by putting his incompetent assistant manager in charge of saving this business. The food served in his restaurant was U. Always, a thin layer of grease pervaded the air, ruining the complexions of his teenaged employees. Herman himself stood up front only when he was manning a register during the lunch and dinner hours or taking a complaint. He usually sat in the back, in his office next to the employee bathroom with the lock that did not lock, watching what was happening on the video surveillance monitor with dismay rising in his eyes.

Now, for the last three years, the restaurant had hardly been making any money. The recession had driven most of Ardsmore to the pre-packaged frozen food aisles of the local supermarket, where the parts of chickens could be had for a dozen at the same price Herman offered for four.

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And then, barely recovered and somewhat bewildered by why he was doing it, Herman Grimes had returned to work. That first week back had been awful, filled with so many gruesome gestures of commiseration from his regulars that they drove Herman entirely into his office.

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His teenaged employees treated him as if his misfortune were contagious, even using the customer bathroom to avoid crossing paths. But it was primarily Herman Grimes that caused Herman to isolate himself in his office. Oh God.

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The second day back, in the midst of counting inventory with Joe, trying to regain a feel for hard numbers, the thought had struck him like a bolt from the blue. His clipboard fell to the floor, and he was biting his right knuckle hard, so hard it drew blood, cringing like an animal in the corner of a cage. When his fit had subsided, Joe was looking at him with more than mild concern.

Joe said he could finish the inventory himself. Jun 29, Dawn rated it really liked it Shelves: zines-anthologies , Many other enjoyable reads are included. Midwestern Gothic never disappoints. View 2 comments. Truly, we're here because of all the talented writers and poets that submit to us, as well as the readers that continue to be engaged in the product we put out.

Issue 10 is an important milestone but also happens to be an unbelievably good bit of reading. We were lucky enough to snag new fiction by the wildly talented Frank Bill, who is receiving all sorts of critical praise right now for his novel Donnybrook. Really, it's filled to the brim with goodness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Next goal: Issue Here we go.

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Katie rated it it was amazing Apr 05, Christine rated it really liked it Sep 15, Yvonne rated it liked it Aug 29, Leesa marked it as to-read Jun 30, Teresa Lavender marked it as to-read Aug 01, Tina marked it as to-read Aug 01, Julie Hutchinson marked it as to-read Aug 01, Karen Clinchard marked it as to-read Aug 01, Gordon Bingham marked it as to-read Aug 01, Sue marked it as to-read Aug 01, Issue 21 marks the 5th anniversary of the magazine, featuring new fiction and poetry inspired by the Midwest.

The latest issue collects work from the following writers:. Judith Elliott fixes breakfast for her affluent suburban family. She kisses them all goodbye, tends to the house, makes plans for later with her husband. Then comes the news: her teenage son, Lucas, has taken a gun to school. He has killed two other students, a teacher, and himself. Judith, an ordinary wife and mother, must suddenly grapple with extraordinary grief and horror.

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As reporters gather and lawsuits loom, society shuts out the surviving members of the Elliott family—including husband and father, Peter, and daughter and sister, Lindsey—who are as blindsided by the tragedy as anyone. Judith struggles to be the center of what remains of her family but finds herself plagued by doubts and unanswerable questions that may eventually disrupt her life more completely than the initial tragedy.

I read straight through the darkness into the morning hours that shimmered with new light. She lives outside Des Moines with her family. All rights reserved.

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Winter Issue 10 Summer Issue 12 Winter Issue 11 Fall : Creative Nonfiction. I gave it a glowing review in the new issue of Pleiades. A lovely read!

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    They are in the tradition of the confessional poems of Sharon Olds: ugly, tormented, and sometimes tender when least expected. Sex serves as the mirage of redemption, but sex is clinical, cold and empty. A lovely read. Check it out!

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