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In the deepest part of ourselves there remains our childlike Self, a child who is constantly immersed within the inexplicable mystery of life, and whose parents — as manifestation of the Divine Creation — provide assistance, healing, and unconditional love from the root of their souls. During my years spent in the Andes of Cusco, I started to go deeper into the search for discovering ways in which to meaningfully-connect with the journey of my soul. It was during this period that a ten-string instrument called the charango — inspired by the Spanish guitar — came across my path.

This instrument, when introduced to the people of the Peruvian highlands, brought forth an entirely-new means of expressing their spirit and communication to the divine. This different sound brought healing, happiness and inspiration to their communities in novel ways. My relationship with the charango gave birth to a melody from the depths of my heart, a melody that touched my soul. I distinctly recall that it was right around this time of musical discovery that my connection to the corn plant radically changed.

The Spiral is a Symbol for My Soul Journey - Virginia Swain

The history of corn goes back over 10, years, maybe longer, and it has survived the rise and fall on many civilizations. He must draw the motifs of the musical creation out of his soul. We will discover their origin by pointing to worlds that are imperceptible to the senses.

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We must consider how these higher worlds are actually constituted. Man is capable of awakening higher faculties of the soul that ordinarily slumber. Just as the physical world is made visible to a blind person following an operation to restore his sight, so the inner soul organs of man can also be awakened in order that he might discern the higher spiritual worlds.

Sounds of the Soul: A Shamanic Journey | Inner Work Journeys

Every culture on Earth has found their own ways to generate different sounds in order to converse with the divine natural world. The Nasca people, a pre-hispanic culture of the southern desert of Peru who flourished from around A. I found a deep connection with these sounds — the frequencies talk to my soul. You can also see in this design a huge cactus Wachuma — a plant of visionary power.

The deep relationship we have with sound comes from the earliest beginnings of the Creation. The human body is a musical instrument as well — we have the vocal strings and an acoustic structure to create sounds, make words, and compose music. The art of music, in the shamanic world, is closely-related to the power of healing, and it operates like the blowing of a flute: to give in, or to take out.

On the other side of the healing coin, I saw how inhaling or blowing with the intention of trying to possess and weaken the patient or practitioner could make her or him physically ill, lose self-confidence, generate feelings of powerless-ness…all done in order to formulate dependency, to force these victims to return over and over again so as to steal more of their energy and money away, creating another vicious cycle of attachment, control and fear.

In order to cultivate detachment, a warrior develops her sense of humor and a great sense of resourcefulness. These become her shields. She can laugh at herself. But there is a danger in detachment. A warrior can become so self-reliant that she becomes arrogant and uncompromising. She becomes incapable of compassion.

To the Sacred Warrior, Love is felt when the heart is open. Great warriors are said to have great hearts, and even the strongest, most skilled, most dangerous warrior becomes Sacred when she puts herself in service. Our choices impact multiple expressions of realities in profound ways.

There is so much to heal, to forgive, to accept, to learn and re-learn. I feel that embodying unconditional love is the most rebellious act we can undertake in this world of manipulation and untruths. I am and I do, because I vibrate within a field of unconditional love, a place of presence that does not expect anything from others or life itself. If you and I were to both act within this realm of unconditional love, human life in regards to both our own selves and all our relations would reflect the dynamic of nature: wild harmony, the symbiosis of all forces, the sacred spiral which expresses the mystery.

In the Andean cosmology, people talk about AYNI: sacred reciprocity, giving and receiving without expecting. To perform offerings in this setting is a powerful ritual of huge gratitude, healing, community spirit, compassion, respect for everything we experience in life, and providing thanks to Earth and the Divine.

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Do not take things for granted. Today, we have this. Tomorrow, we never know.

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I felt grief glimmering at the corner of my eyes, a dull ache of loneliness for some essential part of myself gone missing. In a land of bright sunshine, so intense that even shadows have no place to hide, my wild soul unexpectedly withered. Living on a flight path, no less, with the loud drone of jets overhead carrying pasty-skinned tourists to the winter playground of Palm Springs.

Thus I found myself mostly camped indoors, tending the domestic aspects of myself—healer, homemaker, cook, editor—while neglecting the earthier, untamed, and free-spirited elements. But for vividly hued hummingbirds and their acrobatics, the laughter and antics of dusky-voiced ravens, and coyotes yipping at night as they roamed the desert streets, I might have been even more deeply lost to myself.

Journey of Soul

Half a dozen reasons brought us to this strange place, so obviously a mismatch for a reclusive Green Man and earth mystic. Much of our rationale centered on the compromises all committed relationships must navigate in their own way: work, family, money, health, community, et al..

A Soul's Journey

Admittedly, after two years spent bundled for warmth in the cold damp and grey fog of the central California coast, I was nearly desperate to escape to the sunshine, to once more warm my chilled bones; I simply hoped I could survive in what is essentially now the desert-situated, retirement-meets-bedroom community of greater Los Angeles and to a lesser degree, San Diego.

One year later, the pendulum having swung to the other extreme, my body cooked and dried out, my physical constitution seeks middle ground in regards to weather. More essential than that, however, I truly needed a deeper connection with land that speaks to my soul, calling me home by a secret name.

One cannot fathom the mystery , I so often say. Recently, through a curious turn of events—which is always how matters of the soul unfurl—after deciding we would relocate from Rancho Mirage to dear Santa Fe where I lived briefly some years ago in New Mexico, a door unexpectedly opened for us… in Oregon. Thus in the coming weeks, once again our painted gypsy caravan rolls on, carrying us north, returning almost full circle to a place we resided ten years before with friends and family nearby.

Yet I have chosen willingly and embraced it, not simply because the environment of town and landscape feels nourishing to my soul, but because when I weighed the matter internally as to whether such a move truly supported me, an answer swiftly arose to one essential question.

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  6. A barometer reading, of sorts, measuring the inner, atmospheric pressure of the soul. On the journey through life, little else matters. For some, that path of heart may involve family, affinity for a certain place, a role or job we love, or a soul calling in their core; certainly, for each of us it will be different. Cartesian dualism, we might call it, with the emphasis being placed upon thinking. In the three-hundred plus years since his writings, science has mostly sought to establish the brain as the seat of consciousness, placing our higher mental faculties logic, reasoning, etc.

    Consciousness is everywhere, in everything: a suprasomatic sentience that we are intrinsically a part of and inseparable from. Yet how few of us trust that deeper, enigmatic knowing, afraid to follow its summons for a hundred seemingly justified reasons. And everything is connected. For most humans, our world has become a superficial existence of chaos, noise, angst and anger, mental overdrive, and increasing artificiality.

    Swept along in our own busyness and seldom pausing to reflect, listen, or truly feel , how does one regain or hold onto a sense of center? Or perspective…? As with inhaling a deep breath or placing bare soles upon the earth—both of which help us descend from our heads to anchor us in the present moment—asking this one question can be the Pole Star that offers direction and guidance: a path to follow and live by, wherever it may lead.

    Unlock your heart. My past 25 years of using the resources of business to develop and train Reconciliation Leaders have shown that. The center of this Celtic symbol is soul consciousness. The spiral has helped me find my inner Voice and has brought me to unity with God with my personal purpose, vision and mission. Just as I have offered the competency steps to the United Nations community over many years, I offer the spiral to the United States today with the help of the Phoenix, which appeared to me in New York City on that fateful day.

    The spiral has helped me to know who I am so that I could help people be who they are.

    The Soul’s Journey: A Path with Heart

    I have included several spirals in this memoir to illustrate how important it is to show that my journey to redefine leadership is intertwined with my journey to God. Virginia Swain is a spiritual guide, master coach, facilitator and leadership trainer with 25 years experience on five continents. Very impressive, Virginia. This work is so important and you are so well equipped to present it to the world. I will certainly share your message with friends. Marty Espinola.

    Marty—how many years since Many Rooms Looking for a House! Thank you so much for your affirming presence, always and much love. More good things to come. My best, Frank Braio. Virginia, How lovely! And Mt. There is a quiet, lovely spiral walk in the woods behind Smith College that just calms my soul.

    Looking forward to more of your story.