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The locals told us that June is generally more buggy, which was definitely true in our experience. Very inspiring post!! I plan to take my bike on my roof rack on a Nissan Altima sedan. Any other advise for me? Great to hear from you! I would also recommend a tire patch kit and an air compressor. Have fun driving the Dempster! We are planning this same trip in July. We are going in a older model RV mid 80s. In your opinion, can this road accommodate an RV? Hi Shawn, you must be so excited for your trip!

We saw RVs of all shapes and sizes on the Dempster and at the end of the road in Inuvik. The road surface gets very slippy when wet so can be dangerous for larger vehicles at this time. If you can allocate enough time to drive the road e. Im a 65 year old women been to the Yukon many times. Im doing the dempster this summer. Just me and my dog. I like to fish and while im fishing should I travel with a rifle or gun?

Thanks for sharing! I am planning to drive it this summer with 4 of our kids 19, 14, 13 and 11 with out tent trailer! Sounds like a super fun trip! I would definitely not rush the Dempster Highway in a tent trailer — watch for the road becoming slippy after rain especially. Did you started driving. I am looking for a partner to drive to Inuvik. I am available between Aug 25 to Sep 05, I live in Edmonton. If you pass thru Edmonton let me know and I can join you from here or from Inuvik to Whitehorse on your return, I can share driving and expenses.

Please let me know either way ASAP. I am excited to be planning my journey from Kelowna BC to Inuvik. I just bought a new Sprinter motorhome and this will be its maiden voyage. I going in style which is nice because basically I can pull over anywhere, take a hot shower, cook some food and pull out the sofa to a full queen size bed. I even have solar panels on the roof and a generator. I am curious if anyone knows if I can buy propane along the way as the motorhome has a propane tank built in for hot water heater and stove.

Your plans sound awesome — we love Sprinter vans! I believe propane can be purchased at Eagle Plains service station half way plus definitely in Inuvik.

Awesome, wonderful. We went through five tires and two windshields. We were moving from Victoria to Ottawa and decided we needed a detour. Loved every minute of it — ferries to Haines and then drove the rest. We still talk about it. The Dempster was just a baby of about 10KM then.

Thanks for all your hints. Wow, that sounds like quite a journey! We saw lots of large motorhomes travelling the Dempster — the main thing I would be careful about is how slippy the road is when wet. So make sure you have plenty of time to tackle the drive i.

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What a great and informative read. Thank you. My Wife and I will be heading north to Inuvik and beyond hopefully next summer. I enjoyed the report, and to top it off I just noticed you are also from Penticton. Thanks again. No way, you live in Penticton!? Very cool! I hope your trip to Inuvik goes awesome. This may be a ridiculous question, but could you drive the highway in a car?

Or would that be a horrible idea? Also, why do people go through tires?

Dempster Highway: Road Trip To The Arctic Travel Guide - Backcountry Canada Travel

Not a ridiculous question at all! The surface of the road is sharp shale — this rock can really damage tires. We lived on Vancouver Island for 2. I first drove the Dempster around in a convertable with low profile tires. Had 1 slow leak pulling into Inuvik where they fortunately had a replacement tire. So, cars are fine. Drove it last year as part of a 44 day trip.

It was my favorite part of trip; I now want to drive to Tuk. Thanks for refreshing fond memories! Glad you liked the post. We also want to return to the Dempster to drive to Tuk! Really good info Gemma.

Again may thanks for your post -very helpful. Sounds like a fab adventure! Our son drove it six years ago and keeps at us. Thanks for the article, your encouragement and great advice. Fingers crossed for this year. Sounds like a great plan Carol! I hope you two make it, driving the Dempster is just a wonderful experience.

Do let me know how it goes. I really enjoyed your blog. I have an old Subaru Forester so I want to get something newer by then although the Sub has never let me down. Sounds like it will be an awesome trip! The bugs are definitely the biggest challenge by far on the Dempster, especially in June. Good luck! Brittany Paws for Beer 5 years ago Reply. Gemma Post Author 5 years ago Reply. Melanie 5 years ago Reply. Ruth 5 years ago Reply. Gemma, I enjoyed this story and your photos a lot. Murray Lundberg 5 years ago Reply.

RobRob 5 years ago Reply. Lauren 5 years ago Reply. Thanks Lauren!

It really is an amazingly epic trip! Leigh 5 years ago Reply.

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Dann 4 years ago Reply. Judy Haga 2 years ago Reply. What is the best month to drive it…. June or July? Dann 2 years ago Reply. Gemma Post Author 2 years ago Reply. Cres 4 years ago Reply. Chi 4 years ago Reply.